Cathedral Gothic Quarter in Barcelona

Fantastic climate, rich culture and investment hotspot

Barcelona has attracted a great deal of press attention recently due to a combination of factors: historic low prices, a growing economy and an exciting array of New Developments coming onto the market.

2016 is proving to be another significant year of recovery for the prime residential property market in Barcelona.

In the past 12 months official figures show that prices in prime areas of the city have risen by an average of 6% and growing national and international interest is impacting on demand. In 2015 Lucas Fox sold €250m worth of property across all its regions, the majority of which was in Barcelona. By the end of 2016 this figure is expected to increase to €375m.

The product most in demand continues to be New Developments, turnkey homes which offer excellent value for money, good rental yield (around 4%) and long-term capital appreciation.

Barcelona is one of the cities leading the way in Spain’s recovery, thanks to a unique combination of factors: attractive real estate prices, a growing local economy, competitive mortgage lending and the city’s continual appeal for lifestyle investors – Barcelona has a superb climate, is well communicated with the rest of Europe and is an established cultural and gastronomic hub.

Barcelona Old Town continues to be an area with a high level of demand for property and prices still remain low compared to the peak in 2007. Situated in the heart of this vibrant and cosmopolitan corner of the city, offering good potential for both rental yield and long-term return, Marlet 1 offers discerning buyers a unique investment opportunity.

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You’ll be pushed to find any other apartments in the heart of the Old Town which offer such bright, exciting spaces thanks to a clever design and the use of specialist materials. This is a one-off development and a unique opportunity.

Jan Maarten Goedemans

ARC Properties

Gotico arch
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